Breeding an animal means taking care of a living being; there's the need to look after him and love him like if it were a member of the family. We adopt a criteria that prefers the quality of the puppies over their quantity: this is the only way we think we can guarantee the selection of the race. Our aim is to guarantee a consistent and stric respect of the standards defined for the various races (French bouledogue and chihuahua) in order to obtain beautiful puppies that can be healty and strong.

All our breeders have been tested with doppler ultrasonography in order to exclude genetical cardiac diseases, dysplasia of the knee (patella dislocation) and hereditary oculopathies. I think it's fundamental the mirated selection of the blood types because they guarantee a breed with very high quality standards. I prefer quality over quantity by choosing a limited amount of matings.

The breeding in Villa Tecchio lives thanks to the love for smal sized puppies. Breeding for me has a double meaning: express passion to the animals and improving the race by paying particular attention to health and personality.

Out puppies grow up in at home next to my family and their natural mother; this lifestyle allows me to look after their growth by paying attention to health, alimentation and socialization. I choose with care the families in which the puppies will go.




Boston Terrier


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